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We want to be a unique healthcare company in the Irish marketplace in what we provide to our partners, customers but most importantly to our patients. We believe that creating a business is a challenge in itself but growing & enhancing business is the difficult part. That's why we want to work alongside companies looking to develop & expand.

MSL Healthcare Can Provide You with a Complete Launch Platform

MSL Healthcare Ireland Can Provide You with a Complete Launch Platform

How We Can Help You Develop Your Business in Ireland

  • As part of our growth, we aim to share the risk of developing business by unconventional methods: i.e. profit sharing, performance-related targets or by other mutually beneficial arrangements that will lead to a Win-Win situation for both parties
  • We can also provide dedicated sales, marketing, regulatory, distribution and customer service support to companies who want to improve their Irish market performance
  • We can manage Key Accounts from a sales and market access perspective, through our experienced and defined Territory Relationship Manager
  • We can also provide a contract sales service to organisations who require a small team of experienced sales specialists to improve their product's performance within a quick and inexpensive time frame
  • We can work with you in identifying market challenges and barriers to entry from a National perspective, through our market access experience dealing with the Corporate Pharmaceutical Unit and National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics
  • Healthcare Consulting Services - we have amassed a wealth of experience and understanding of the Irish Healthcare system over the years & these insights can be a real “game-changer” when it comes to achieving the correct outcome for your projects

Portfolio Breadth

OTC & Consumer Product Sales Direct to Community Pharmacy.

Solid Dose Formulations to Hospitals, Primary Care and Community Pharmacy.

National Distribution to all Hospitals & Pharmacies via Uniphar & United Drug Logistics.

Sterile Injectables.